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Branch/State Officer Forms

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Each spring, the Association asks branches and states to report the names of the incoming officers. These reports are due by June 1 for the year starting July 1.

The forms for these reports were distributed to branch officers along with the February 1 membership counts. This is just a “head’s up” that North Carolina uses its own reporting process that produces the information that the Association needs with less effort on the part of the branches. This also allows us to produce the state directory of branch/state officers in time for the summer meeting.

So while you may use the Association’s form, please watch for the NC online form. [See the 2005 form for information, but there are some pending updates. This year’s form will be ready by May 1. If you do want to use the paper form, please FAX it to 866-525-2155 or mail it to 7009 Jeffrey Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603.]