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AAUW NC History

This site is being developed as the virtual home for the history of AAUW of North Carolina.

The archives of the organization – back to 1927 are housed at the North Carolina State Archives in downtown Raleigh. Work is underway to sort through the papers of the last 15 years or so and move those to the Archives as well.

The first AAUW NC web site was launched in 1998. It was migrated to WordPress in 2007.

This site currently hosts content from 2001-2018. Information earlier than 2007 is stored “outside” of WordPress – this archive page lists those items.

A new website for AAUW NC went live on February 8, 2019, and we hope to appropriately archive this site’s content and simplify the “live” site.

For another view of our history on the web, find us on the the WayBack Machine.