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Archive Links

The pages referenced here are part of the original versions of the AAUW website.

Links to (the original web address) have not all been changed, but if you change them manually to they should work.

Links to no longer work, but you may be able to find things if you search for at

This archives HTML files in the following directories

  • 00-01 – information on the AAUW NC 2001 Convention at Wrightsville Beach
  • 01-02 – state convention in Greensboro, SAR Conference in Tampa, and more
  • 02-03 – state convention in Raleigh, national convention, summer meeting in Winston-Salem with “selling AAUW” workshop
  • 03-04 – the “reconnection” project, state convention in Charlotte
  • 04-05 – state convention in Asheville, initial list for 100 Club
  • 05-06 – state convention in New Bern, Greensboro’s “AAUW 101”
  • 06-07 – state convention in Winston-Salem
  • Archive –  includes
  • Resources – banners from the 2002 convention
  • 00Events – the last list of AAUW NC events before conversion to new website. Links to national conventions and non-AAUW events are, of course, broken.

Directories 07-08 and 08-09 have the convention packet sent to branch presidents and the (now completely obsolete) code for online registration. [Note that AAUW NC started using online registration (and accepting PayPal payments) in 2002 (Greensboro), and continued that process except for one year (2004 in Charlotte) through 2020.]