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Public Policy

Women's Equality Day - Aug. 26

Does gender equality under the law remain a dream?

As we near the 100th anniversary of US women’s right to vote, there are many other cases where equality will only be realized with help of the Equal Rights Amendment. AAUW NC joins in encouraging the NC legislature to approve the amendment.

Cherrie Wheaton and Jane Terwillegar, AAUW NC Co-Presidents for 2017-2019

Regional meetings are planned for branch leaders

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Plans are underway for new initiatives for AAUW NC in 2017-2018. Watch for the announcement of a schedule for regional meetings to share ideas with branches near you and with the state board.

Melissa Johnsen

Notes from Workshop on Reproductive Justice

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Facts and figures related to the history of reproductive rights in the US, how the landscape changed with the 2016 election, and what we can do nationally and in NC.