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Dem-NC Complaint: Republican Group Violates Campaign Laws


The article below is from a coalition partner, Democracy NC and it is about the campaign problems.  Read for information.   Mary 

Complaint Filed Against Activities of
Republican Legislative Majority Committee

Democracy North Carolina sent a letter to the State Board of Elections on April 18, 2006, asking it to order the Republican Legislative Majority Committee (RLMC) to “cease and desist” from continuing to “pollute” various election contests with corporate funds. The funds apparently come primarily from businesses linked to former Rep. J. Art Pope, a Republican who opposes a number of Republican state legislators who are seeking re-election. RLMC claims it is a 527-committee engaged only in legitimate issue advocacy and not “electioneering” activities subject to regulation by North Carolina.

Democracy North Carolina’s letter says that RLMC has engaged in express advocacy (by using such messages as, “Rick Eddins betrayed the GOP, Call Rick Eddins Out”) and is therefore a political committee under North Carolina statutes and must register as such, file disclosure reports, and abide by contribution regulations. The question is not only whether RLMC has violated state laws regarding electioneering by a 527 committee, but whether it has violated the larger body of campaign-related law because it crossed the line, engaged in express advocacy, and must therefore register and behave as a regulated political committee, i.e., a PAC.


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