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New form to send in with new members’ dues

As you are recruiting new members for the “15 month” membership (dues paid now grant membership through June 30, 2007), be sure your branch treasurer checks for the new form to send in with the dues.

You’ll find it at

and note that it is streamlined from earlier years – just one form, not two for new and renewing members. You can also use this for Give a Grad a gift memberships. New grads are eligible for one free year of Association membership — so for the cost of just state/branch dues, you can introduce them to the full range of AAUW activities. What a great graduation gift!

Note that members who renew “on time” can be reported on the “branch dues report” form to be filed in June — but do send in the paperwork on new members so that they can get “connected” as soon as possible.