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Up to date knowledge for Advocacy Day

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Below is the link to an article listing highlights of the NC House 18.9 billion budget proposal released this week.  Look at the bullets before Tuesday and you can talk to your legislators with greater knowledge.  I’m sure you are all aware that the minimum wage law has been passed. 

A summary of the article and link to the full text are provided below.  

WWAY-TV ABC 3 Wilmington

“Highlights of the proposed budget”

RALEIGH, N.C. Highlights of the state’s House $18.9 billion budget proposal for 2006-07 released Monday. The monetary figures reflect adjustments to the two-year budget the Legislature approved last year. Tax cuts are not included in the budget because they will be considered in a separate bill.

_ raises public school teachers salaries by an average of 8 percent.

_ gives community college faculty and professional staff a 6 percent raise plus $600 bonus.

_ raises most university employee personnel by 6 percent.

_ provides 5 percent salary increase plus $300 bonus to rank-and-file state employees.

_ sets cost-of-living raise for state retirees at 3.1 percent.

_ spends $76.3 million to pay for an additional 18,363 students entering school this fall than originally projected.

_ eliminates a recurring $44.3 million spending cut required of the state’s local school districts.