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Message to branch communications officers

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[In AAUW-speak, “communication officer” means newsletter editors, public information folks, and web managers.]

A version of this message was sent on June 22. It has been edited based on newer information.
Dear AAUW NC Colleagues:

You have received this because you are listed as a communication leader for your branch for 2006-2007 or you were 2005-2006 president and have not yet sent your 2006-2007 branch roster to the Association. It was due June 1.

If you attended convention in New Bern, you are aware of the proposal before the board to change the format of Tar Heel News from an 8-page tabloid produced on newsprint to a 12-page white sheet-fed piece. If you are unaware of the proposal, e-mail me and I will send it to you as an attachment. I believe most of you have it.

Changing the size is only part of the strategy to make Tar Heel News user-friendly (easily printable from web) and to save money. We will mail only three issues per year – pre-convention, pre-summer meeting and pre-fall meeting. We will change from a periodicals postal permit to a non-profit organization permit. If an additional issue is needed, we will post it on the web and send a message to the listserve.

Connie Osche and Heather Osche are on the state communication team with me, along with Karla Atkinson and Nancy Shoemaker.

I am making an urgent request to everyone who receives this message to attend the summer leadership meeting at Southern Pines, July 15, so when we bring the proposal to the floor for discussion and a vote, we can do so without consuming a lot of time. Read on to the next message “THN Proposals” for specifics. If you are receiving this as a president, and your branch has a communication leader, please pass this message to her.
Thank you,
Marty Folsom
AAUW NC Communication team leader

P.S. Response to this message by our branches was very poor. To me, this indicates the importance of continuing mailing THN for at least two more years, rather than even considering electronic distribution, even though many branches do so with their newsletters.