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Postcard to branch international chairs

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I sent the following message along with a postcard overview of “One Shared World” to the branch international chairs.

Dear Branch International Chairs,

AAUW is changing, perhaps first and fastest in its international role. The disaffiliation from IFUW is almost certain, but programs like this one reaffirming AAUW’s commitment to all women and girls are appearing. See’s International Corner or contact me for more information.

-Nancy Shoemaker, AAUW NC President

The “disaffiliation” statement may have been a bit strong, but the space on the card was limited, and note that I did say “almost” certain. Those who want more information about this, including the financial discussions that we had at the conference in DC last weekend, may contact me. If you are interested in AAUW’s efforts in the international arena, please be sure to check the new resources on