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A few announcements for the fall meetings

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For membership folks:

Please get information to Barbara White if you want your branch included in the “Join Now!” program we’ll have at the October 19 meeting in Charlotte. We need (at least) the amount of your dues and where we should send the completed forms and checks. If you’ve got branch specific flyers, we can use those, too.

For public policy folks:

We hope you are registered for the AAUW NC Fall meeting. On October 20, the board will be voting on a new AAUW NC public policy program. On October 21, you’ll have a chance to participate in a Women’s Agenda Assembly – a unique program that allows North Carolina women practice in voicing their public policy concerns, informed by documents produced by advocates in various arenas. As a special benefit, we’re expecting Sharon Clagett, from AAUW WV who is a member of the Associatin (national) public policy committee. There should be time to talk to her about how the national program is put together.

NC Conference for Women is Sold Out

They are still accepting “waiting list” registrations, but if you just want to come by and help at the AAUW NC booth, please contact Barbara White.