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Fundraising October Report 2006

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Fundraising Group Report for the October 2006 Fall Board Meeting
Contributions for various funds

Sent Emails to the branches that have contributed in the first six months of the year.

The note went to the president if I did not have an EF or LAF contact person

Please let Lill Van Order know if you have gotten a point person for the fundraising that I do not know about

Totals as of 1/1-6/30/06

  • $5080 has been sent to EF (14 Branches)
  • $2717 to LAF (10 Branches)
  • $1475 to the Association (20 Branches)

We are working with the association to be sure all our records are in sync.
Contribution form

There is a new one, similar but new on website under the membership section. Please check it out and use it- also remember to send copies to Lill Van Order when you submit your checks.
Fundraising ideas

These will be at the meeting for all to see and talk about. Evelyn will bring a prototype of a scarf she has been working on.
We, on the fundraising committee, are looking forward to connecting with all of you in person and hope to see you at the meeting.
Lill Van Order, Evelyn Lynge, Rusty Bradke