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Who’s supported by the the NC endowment funds?

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We announced earlier the six Educational Foundation fellows in NC for 2006-2007. You may also be interested in who is being supported by endowments established by North Carolina members or branches.

  • Ellen Black Winston American Fellowship supports Robin M. Gee in postdoctoral research in dance at UNC-Greensboro. Ms. Gee is also supported by the Mary Wright Thrasher fund.
  • Shirley S. and Karl S. Quisenberry American Fellowship supports Sarah Clark Miller in postdoctoral research in philosophy at the University of Memphis. Ms. Miller is also supported by funds honoring Anna Dale Kek and Jeannette Rankin.
  • Rosalyn Nix Gilliat International Fellowship supports Petrina Mangala of Zambia working on an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Phoenix, AZ). Ms. Mangala is also supported by a fund honoring Joan Shaw.
  • Research and Projects Funds honoring
    NC Golden Anniversary,
    L. Adelaide and M. Elizabeth Johnson, and
    Stine J. Schaffmeyer
    support a Career Development Grant for Titania T. Nix, working on an M.S. in adult education at NC A&T. Ms. Nix is also supported by funds honoring the Arlington (TX) Branch, Sharon Freely Memorial, and Dr. Cecilie Froelich.
  • Research and Projects Funds honoring
    Enola G. Retherford and
    Beth Norris
    support a Career Development Grant for Kenya L. Welch working on an M.B.A. in business at DeVry University in Charlotte. Ms. Welch is also supported by funds honoring Betty Davis, Katherine “Kappy” Eaton, La Palma-Cerritos (CA) Branch, and Walnut Creek (CA) branch.

Other fellows in NC have the following support:

  • Michele Berger, postdoctoral research in political science at UNC-Chapel Hill. American Fellowship supported by Rosamonde R. Boyd and Jessie S. Burnett funds.
  • Annette R. Debo, publication grant in English at Western Carolina University. American Fellowship supported by Marie and Margaruite Duerst and Lillian G. Portenier funds.
  • Bidisha Lahiri, citizen of India, working towards a Ph.D. in economics at UNC-Chapel Hill. International Fellowship supported by Mary E.M. Galucci, Ruth Locke Roettinger and Dorothy C. Woodworth funds.

For more information on these and the other remarkable women supported by the AAUW Educational Foundation, see the online radirectory of fellowships and grants.

Please contribute to allow our efforts to continue!

NC funds that have not yet reached stipend-producing level and for which contributions are specifically requested include:

Thanks for your support!

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