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Fundraising news and notes – how is your branch doing?

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Here are the 9/30/06 fundraising totals by branch for EF, LAF, LTI and the Association. In addition the EF totals are broken down by designation.

As you plan your year end giving, please do remember:

The Educational Foundation – provides funds to advance education, research, and self-development for women and to foster equity and positive societal change. Please consider “designating” your gift to

  • The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (#9170) to support Foundation research. [Pins for $100+]
  • The Ann Chipley American Fellowship (#4051) – this fund in honor of a past-president of AAUW NC will, when it reaches the $100,000 threshold, start supportiing American and Selected Professions fellowships.
  • The Charlotte Branch Research and Projects Fund (#1429) – this fund will, when it reaches the $35,000 threshold, start supporting Community Action Grants and Career Development Grants.
  • Unrestricted Foundation Support (#9110) – to provide flexibility in awarding grants where they are most needed.

The Legal Advocacy Fund – providing funding and a support system for individuals seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination. [Pins for $100+]

The Leadership and Training Institute – founded in 2003 to address, through training and other programs, the issue that women and girls continue to be underrepresented in leadership and key professional positions. [Pins for $125+]

The Association – Contributions to the Association fund its advocacy work, program development, member services, and other efforts that would remain unfunded if it depended only on dues. [Pins for $120+]

Contributions to all but the Association are tax deductible. To contribute, go to or the individual gift area of the new member services section of the web site.

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