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IFUW Status

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Those who have been following the IFUW/AAUW discussions over the last couple of years may wish to check

  • for the views of AAUW members who are concerned about the issue. This web site is information from those who are looking at alternate ways for US residents to affiliate with IFUW (either now, as individual participants, or with a new organization that would replace AAUW as the US affiliate of IFUW).
  • AAUW records on the topic since the June 2004 board decision to eliminate IFUW dues from the 04-05 budget. The current board has affirmed this decision and while alternatives were investigated, there are no plans to change it. The most recent postings here (9/21/06) include the board’s reaction to some of the IFUWSupport statements and the idea of the establishment of another US affiliate.
  • for the forms to affiliate with IFUW as an individual (in particular the alternate international member form:

While others may note other changes (feel free to use the comments section here), from my point of view the news is that IFUW does appear to be willing to accept individual subscriptions from the US (100 swiss francs, c. $US80). [In general the “members” of IFUW are the “national federations or associations” (NFAs), and the members of the NFAs are affiliated with IFUW through their national group. Until recently, only individuals in countries without NFAs have been encouraged to join IFUW directly.]