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Travel notes – sample air fares

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[Note this is posted in the new category, Phoenix 2007. Click the Phoenix 2007 link over on the right to get all convention-related announcements.]

Judy and Pam from Winston-Salem have made reservations for Phoenix: Roundtrip from Greensboro, stopping in Memphis – $231 on Continental.

I checked the USAir site just now. Flights are $129 each way (some non-stop) from Raleigh.

Southwest also serves both Raleigh and Phoenix, but they aren’t yet taking reservations for that weekend.

Please post if you find other deals, know someone who’d like to donate a frequent-flyer ticket, or would like to know if any member has a “B&B” near a major airport that would allow you to catch an early flight at a better deal than you can get from the airport closer to home.