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Suggestions for your iPod…

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Hi! Did you get a new iPod/mp3 player over the holidays, but can’t quite decide that it’s worth your time to load it? (or to find that teenager to help you figure it out?)

Well, here’s some content that you might want to download and listen to while exercising, cooking, knitting or whatever …

WUNC had a series “Considering College” that aired Jan. 29 – Feb. 2. There was an hour long program on the State of Things and several shorter segments on Morning Edition and All things Considered. If, like me, you don’t get much time to listen to public radio, you can still find all the segments ready for download in MP3 format at

Note that you can also just click the stories and listen to them on your computer, but those of you who have entered the world of “portable audio” may want to take the extra step of copying the files to your device.
This most recent series in the WUNC’s North Carolina Voices series, designed to take an in depth look at issues facing North Carolina, has many other resources online at including a fact sheet that the Raleigh/Wake County branch used in thier recent “Mom’s Turn to Learn” (transitions) event: see