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Reaching AAUW North Carolina.

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AAUW NC is “staffed” entirely by volunteers, and we have no physical office. If you need to reach us, please use the following steps:

  1. To reach an individual officer or branch, use the listings in the Contact section of
  2. If you’re not sure who’s the right contact, write or call our voice mail at 866-525-2155. The e-mail and voice mail are monitored by people who will forward your information to the right spot.
  3. If you need to send us something in paper, please consider using the toll free FAX: again, 866-525-2155. This will convert the document to a PDF that can then be e-mailed to the right person. It is particularly important that branches consider using this method to send reports that several AAUW NC officers may wish to review.
  4. Members can find US Mail addresses and other contact information for branch and state officers in the password-protected AAUW NC Member Center, Please contact your branch president or for the login information.
  5. If you must use the US Mail to send something to AAUW NC rather than an individual, our address (new) is PO Box 6502, Statesville NC, 28687-6502. If your information is time-sensitive, please do follow up with e-mail or phone since that box will not be checked daily.

Thanks, all!