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College/University representatives in North Carolina

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The American Association of University Women welcomes institutions of higher education to join as college/university partners, with dues payable on a sliding scale based on enrollment. AAUW NC will be working more closely with the campuses in the state through the Youth Advocacy Toolkit project and other efforts in 2007-2008.

You can find additional information about the college/university partnership program at

Each C/U member institution may name a “representative” who receives national and state mailings and may join a branch to forge stronger connections with the community. In North Carolina, state dues are waived for such a representative joining a branch, and some branches also waive state dues.

The current list of C/U member institutions and their named representatives is:

Duke University: Margaret Riley
Louisburg College: Stephanie Buchanan
Martin Community College: Ann Britt
Meredith College: Susan E. Adams
North Carolina State University: Joanne G. Woodard
Peace College: Valerie G. Hall
UNC-Chapel Hill: Elmira Mangum
UNC-Wilmington: Susan Bullers

For updates on the list of C/U partners, see

We hope this answers some of the questions that were raised at the AAUW NC summer meeting.