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e-Newsletter #1, July 15, 2007

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June 8 – July 15, 2007

Please scan this list of “headlines” and if there’s something of interest, do read the full story. If these links are not “clickable” for you, go to for another version of this list, or use the “search” in the upper right of to go straight to the right article. [On any page, you can click an article title to get the page with just that article – may be more suitable for printing.]

Update on the Youth Advocacy Toolkit Project

  • Information on the Young Advocates ToolKit project (07/15/2007) AAUW NC has been awarded a Public Policy Impact Grant that will be used in collaboration with NC Action for Children to work with local colleges to plan programs around the Action for Childrens Youth Advocacy Toolkit. Here is the information that Mary Peterson and Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo shared in Gastonia.

News from Phoenix that we shared in Gastonia

  • Discussing the Historic Principles (07/15/2007) A few of our Historic Pinciples that were highlighted at the meeting
  • Information on the database (07/15/2007) Last fall, the member services database was launched at Nancy helped to publicize this in Phoenix.
  • Report on NGCP workshop (07/15/2007) Kay White, president of AAUW Chapel Hill, attended the Association Convention in Phoenix, but was not able to be at our summer meeting. She did share a report on the National Girls Collaborative Project.
  • NGCP – what can we do (07/13/2007) The message Nancy took from Phoenix was that the most important thing for branch members to do is to find the programs in our communities that are helping girls move towards science, technology, engineering and math and get them registered at
  • 2008-2009 EF Brochures are now available. (07/09/2007) One of the things we learned in Phoenix is that the 2008-2009 EF Fellowships and Grants brochures are now available. Go to Shop AAUW! then to branch necessities then to Brochures.
  • Womens History Resource (07/15/2007) AAUW Thousand Oaks CA has published three volumes of Profiles of Women Past & Present.
  • AAUW Public Policy Program 2007-2009 (07/04/2007) The discussion and adoption of the 2007-2009 AAUW Public Policy program was an excellent example of the interplay between the proposals of the committee members and the strong feelings of the delegates. For an excellent summary of the discussion, see Sandy Kirkpatricks summary on the CA Online Blog.
  • Comments on the new structure (07/04/2007) AAUW is off on a new journey with a new, streamlined structure. See a CA Online Branch blog post by Sandy Kirkpatrick, the AAUW CA Online branch past president, for a good summary of the changes.
  • AAUWNC receives grant for Advocacy Tool Kit Project (07/02/2007) I
  • Picture of the delegation (06/30/2007) — a few folks were missing. More pictures to come.
  • Hi, gang! (06/29/2007) — Nancy’s experiment with text messaging wasn’t 100% successful.
Other news from Phoenix will be posted. All who attended are encouraged to contribute to the blog or e-mail their reports to Nancy.

Background and reports for the Gastonia meeting

Public Policy Information

  • Title IX Info (07/15/2007) While looking up something else, I found this website: If your branch is planning a Title IX event, check it out for resources that complement the ones on The site is sponsored by the National Womens Law Center.
  • GREAT INVESTMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION (07/11/2007) AAUW Celebrates Passage of Bill to Ease Student Loan Burden Bill is largest investment in higher education since the GI bill

Other information


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