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NGCP – what can we do

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We’ll be talking more about the National Girls Collaborative Project at the AAUW NC Summer meeting, but the message I took from Phoenix was that the most important thing for branch members to do is to find the programs in our communities that are helping girls move towards science, technology, engineering and math and get those programs registered in the NGCP directory. To help you understand what registering means, here’s a PDF version of the registration form:

SAMPLE NGCP Registration Form

Again, that form is just a sample — you can’t print it out, fill it in and send it anywhere… To actually register a program use the ONLINE form that you will find at

I’m hoping the sample form will, however, help you describe the NGCP program to those in your community and get them to register so that they’ll hear about NGCP events and grants that may support their efforgs.