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Brevard Branch Voter Guide Templates – NC House & Senate, US House

The following two MS Word files were developed to collect candidate responses to a set of questions developed for educating voters to issues and candidates for the 2006 election.   

These documents use MS Word “form” features to set limits on input text and to control what fields are completed.  To modify these forms for your use,

  • click on the file link below. 
  • Save the file to a directory on your computer. 
  • after you open the file to edit it, you will need to change the protection on the file to allow editing.  Click on “Tools” and “unprotect”. 
  • To modify or add data entry fields, you will need to work with the “Form Toolbar”.  This can be enabled by clicking on “View” and then clicking on “Toolbars”, then click to turn on the “Forms” toolbar.  This toolbar will let you insert a check box, a drop-down list, or a text box in a form. You cannot insert or modify these fields directly. They’re inserted by the Check Box Form Field, Text Form Field, and Drop-Down Form Field buttons on the Forms toolbar.
  • When you have edited your form and have it ready for distribution, you should “write protect” the file by clicking on “Tools” and “Protect”.
  • The completed questionnaire can be distributed to candidates by email as a file attachment.  The candidate (or authorized staff person) would then complete the form fields, save the file, then email it back to you. 
  • At this point, you can use the responses for creating your voter guide.  We found that it was easy to cut and paste responses into our web version of the voter guide and our print version.  No rekeying of the responses is required, saving work and ensuring that the candidates’ responses are captured as provided.

NC House and Senate: MS Word Template (DOT)

Congress: MS Word Template (DOT)