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Finding AAUW Leaders

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The next issue of the Tar Heel News will have information on reaching AAUW leaders. However, the new will be launched shortly after that goes to press, so we won’t be able to get the new addesses into the paper. This article will be referred to as your “online cheat sheet” and it will be updated very soon after the new site launches.

Please click on the title of this article, and then bookmark the page that has just this article on it. When you need to reach someone in AAUW (national or state leader, a leader in another NC branch, or someone in your own branch), just come back here for a quick reminder on how to do that.

National Leaders

  • Key staff contacts:
  • Volunteer contacts: (Login to the member center with your member id in order to access this.)
    This includes the contact information for the board members, committee members, and other leaders at the national level. For now, it’s separated into Association and Foundation contacts — one more thing that will get simpler when the two corporations become one.

State and Branch officers

  • Elected and appointed AAUW NC officers (phone and e-mail) :
  • NC Branch presidents and membership vice-presidents:
  • Full directories of AAUW NC and branch officers: (login required; user name “aauw” – get password from your branch president or
    These directories are posted by

    • name (all the key contacts in one alphabetical list — handy to keep by your phone)
    • by office (print the relevant page here if you’re most intereseted in, say, other membership vps, or other public policy folks)
    • by branch (you may want to print the pages for the nearby branches to store with your own branch’s directory)

Branch members and correcting your own information

While your branch directory may be a good solution, if you’re not sure that it is current, you can always check the Association’s Member Services Database: Note that this Association provided system allows you to find

  • A roster for your branch
  • E-mail contacts for branch and state officers
  • A form to correct your own information. [It can also be corrected by your branch treasurer.]
  • A form to make an online contribution to any of the national funds

A login and a password are required. To set up the initial password, your correct e-mail address must be on file with the Association.

Note that this system is only synched with the AAUW NC data once a year. So if you do need to make a change to your information and you appear in the directory of branch/state leaders, please do notify

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