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Fundraising Report October 2007

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Fundraising Report for Fall Board Meeting

October 20, 2007

As we enter the last quarter of the fundraising year we would like to remind branches about this important component of our mission. I realize that many of you do your fundraising in the fall. The third quarter report from the association arrived just before our meeting, and has been included in this report.

Please also remind your chairs that it would be helpful to have reports that are sent to the association be sent to me as well. To be quite honest, things have been a bit slow this fall. To have an accurate account of contributions to any aspect of AAUW all these should be in to the association and my notification of such by early December.
Below is an excel document based on the third quarter reports. Some of our issues are still being worked out, so please be patient. If you have questions, however, please contact me. I realize that there were some issues from the April convention that are being worked on at the association level and we both apologize for these.
We also raise money for the state café press and the sale of lovely teal coffee mugs. The mugs or items from café press make nice gifts to speakers or folks who help your branches. I will have the mugs at the October meeting. Have you visited café press?
At the board meeting we will be discussing and voting on the question of the fundraising baskets. The basic question is whether they will be a raffle. This was discussed at great length after the last convention along with how the funds will be distributed. My request to branches is to talk about this with your board. (See this discussion on the website) We want to make sure that all understand and accept the decision made at the board meeting.
Another request regarding the baskets that should be made by your branches is where the money should go. This is a general fundraiser for both EF and LAF but which fund or foundation your branch chooses to contribute the money your basket raises is your choice. Last year Nancy created cards that were to go with each basket. We will do the same this year but would like these to be filled out before the baskets arrive. Your branch should make that decision. There will be more details on this aspect of the fundraising as we get closer to the convention time. This just gives you a heads up for making the choice.
Let us hear your comments and keep us informed as to how your fundraising is going. Thanks for all that you do to make AAUW the organization that it is.

Lill Van Order

Branch EF Assoc LAF LTI Totals
Asheville 3333 285      
Brevard 87 350 281    
Bryson City   10      
Chapel Hill 115 165 30 25  
Charlotte 255 110 25    
Cherokee County 50        
Eden   80 25    
Franklin County 1716        
Gaston Regional 550 100 200    
Greensboro 530 205 200 1936  
Hendersonville 150 220 589    
High Countr 80 40      
High Point 50 25 135    
Jacksonville 510 35 200 125  
Raleigh-Wake County 683 100 483 450  
Salisbury   60 75    
Sandhills-Southern Pines 65 80 15 25  
Statesville 35 35 35    
Tryon Area 801 120 130    
Twin Rivers 45 35      
Wilmington 90 400 365    
Winston-Salem 130 265 205    
AAUW-NC 450   20    
Grand Total
1/1/2007 – 9/30/2007
9,726 2,720 3,013 2,561 18,021
Grand Total 2006 27,624 3470 6128 150 37,372

NC Contributions through 9/30/07 – showing totals by branch for 2006 and 2007