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Info for NC Conference for Women attendees

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Equity is still an issue!

In AAUW, we advance equity for women and girls through:

  1. Research on equity issues that impact the lives of women and girls and which resonate with members of the community.
  2. Education for ourselves on those issues so we can discover the opportunities for us to fight those inequities, while we also encourage education on all fronts as the best strategy to decrease inequity overall
  3. Advocacy to carry out what we learn and “shape the future” with work in our schools, our legislatures, courts and our communities.

Our current theme is Education as the Gateway to Women’s Economic Security which shapes our work and informs our projects. Many of those are based on pay equity.

Pay Equity

Last spring, we published Behind the Pay Gap which reports that just one year out of college, women working full time already earn less than their male colleagues, even when they work in the same field. Ten years after graduation, the pay gap widens. At the conference we had some copies of the executive summary, and review copies of the full report. You can download those here:

To learn more about pay equity and how you can combat it, check these resources

Other Resource Kits

The following additional kits were also on display at the conference

Please contact if you’d like to partner with AAUW members in NC to make use of those kits, but feel free to use the information with your stakeholders.

Additional Resources

  • All AAUW Research Reports, including series on sexual harassment, women in the workplace, equity issues on campuses, and gender equity in the schools. The Educational Foundation reports began in 1991-1992 with the publication of Shortchanging Girls: Shortchanging America, the groundbreaking research that changed the conversation about girls in the schools.
  • More on AAUW Public Policy positions
  • The AAUW Educational Foundation is the largest source of funding for graduate student women. See for information on fellowships and grants and our work to end sex discrimination in higher education.


All of the above projects are primarily funded by AAUW members and branch projects. If you purchased a Charlotte branch cookbook at the conference, thanks for your support! To learn more about the branches and their projects in the community, please contact

Do you want to learn more?

AAUW Overview

If you have time, please watch this 6.5 minute video for more about AAUW. Everyone speaking is an AAUW member: