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Justice 4 All

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Posted by Diversity Chair Queen Thompson to the AAUW NC e-mail list, and discussed by her at the AAUW NC Fall meeting, Oct. 20.

Please contact Queen for more information or reply to her post on the e-mail list to start a discussion.

On Friday, October 12, 2007, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the NC Bar Association’s Equal Access to Justice Summit. It was wonderful and addresses the entire mission of AAUW’s ” removing all barriers for equity.”  The equal access to justice includes all aspects of justice including education rights and justice. The speakers all judges and lawyers were fantastic. The films about NC injustice were great and enlightening.  I spoke to them about AAUW and about speaking to our organization/convention if possible in 2008 and 2009.  One of the plans is to have statewide Equal Access To Justice summits. I thought that this maybe an opportunity for our branches to be a collaborator with their local bar associations in conducting a summit in their areas.   I also told the group about AAUW and our organizational name was listed as part of the solution.

The State is launching a project called ” Justice 4 All.”  They are having ” a justice 4 all day on April 4th throughout the state.  I hope AAUW will want to participate. This project stresses justice for all including children.”  I would like to provide you with an outline of this project and talk to branches about being involved in this statewide event.  This could create great visibility for AAUWNC and also be a resource for our mission.  Presenters at the summit would be great speakers for our spring conference.  This Equal Access To Justice Movement is a national movement that I am encouraging AAUW’s participation.  Let’s discuss.