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Membership Committee Report

Apologies–thought I had already posted!


Membership Committee Report
October 15, 2007
(Minus the Diversity Component)


  • Increase membership by working with the Advocacy Toolkit initiative
  • Work with UNC-Chapel Hill to form a satellite branch of AAUW Chapel Hill
  • Work with Nominating Committee to identify and recruit candidates for AAUW NC officer positions
  • Host exhibit at NC Conference for Women to network with and recruit from the 2400 attendees, exhibitors, and speakers
  • Continue to identify ways to reach out to populations not traditionally served by AAUW (minorities, differing socioeconomic groups, etc.)


  • C/U rep continues to make contact with college and university members to encourage participation in AAUW NC
  • C/U rep working with Advocacy Committee to develop and market the Advocacy Toolkit
  • Nominating Committee identified one member of 2008-2009 Nominating Committee (Nancy Shoemaker) and searching for candidates for other offices (MVP, Communications/Secretary, four additional candidates for the Nominating Committee)
  • Membership Vice President visited High Country Branch
  • Membership Vice President made arrangements for participation in NC Conference for Women
  • Membership Vice President attended kickoff for National Girls Collaborative Project at The Science House (NC State University)
  • Continued work on Branch without Borders concept
  • Entire Committee attended the Summer Leadership Conference in Gastonia