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2007-2008 Educational Foundation fellows and grantees of interest to NC

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For information about who in NC is receiving support from the AAUW Educational Foundation this year, see the directory.

These remarkable women are supported by contributions from the following NC-related endowment funds:

  • Ellen Black Winston American Fellowship supports Lisa Lowe working on a Ph.D. in physics at NC State University. She is also supported by the Jessie S. Burnett endowment.
  • Shirley S. and Karl S. Quisenberry American Fellowship supports Amanda R. Coleman working on a Ph.D. in anthropology at the New School for Social Research in Ohio. She is also supported by the Lorraine Lapere and the Toledo (OH) branch endowments.
  • Sandy Bernard/Alice Ann Leidel Fellowship supports Rebecca H. Bauman working on a Ph.D. in Italian cultural studies at Columbia University. She is also supported by the Joann J. Paden endowment.
  • Rosalyn Nix Gilliat International Fellowship supports Dari Jigjidsuren from Mongolia working on a Ph.D. in social work at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also supported by the Alice Hamilton endowment.
  • Research and Projects Funds honoring
    NC Golden Anniversary,
    L. Adelaide and M. Elizabeth Johnson,
    Stine J. Schaffmeyer,
    Enola G. Retherford,
    Beth Norris
    support a Career Development Grant for Felicia E. Battle working on an M.I.S.M in information security at DeVry Univ. She is also supported by the Allie Corbin Hixson research and projects fund.

Other fellows in NC have the following support:

  • Christine A. Filippone, working on a Ph.D. in Art History at Rutgers, is supported by the Minnie C. Blodgett and Barbara W. Moxon endowments for American Fellowships.
  • Stephanie A. Kurtts who holds a publication grant in education at UNC-Greensboro is supported by the Martha Griffiths and Lillian G. Portneir endowments for American Fellowships.
  • Lisa Levenstein is doing postdoctoral research in history at UNC-Greensboro and is supported by the Penelope McDuffie and Constance Tomkies endowments for American Fellowships.
  • Ariana E. Sutton-Grier, working on a Ph.D. in Ecology at Duke, is supported by the Michigan State Division and the Blodwen Williams Zeitler endowments for American Fellowships.
  • Anita Sharma from India is working on an M.A. in public policy studies at Duke and is supportd by the Dorothy C. Woodworth endowments for International Fellowships.

In addition, M. Maille Lyons, is doing work for a Ph.D. in oceonography at the Univ. of Connecticut on the NC coast, based in Camden.

For more information on these and the other remarkable women supported by the AAUW Educational Foundation, see the online directory of fellowships and grants and (for members) the amounts raised for specific funds (names honored).

Please contribute to allow our efforts to continue!

Note that 5 of the 8 NC fellows are supported entirely by funds raised outside of NC and all have some support from other states. Only one NC fellowship is going to someone outside of NC. Let’s do our part! NC funds that have not yet reached stipend-producing level and for which contributions are specifically requested include:

  • Ann Chipley American Fellowship, #4051. [$50,424 of a required $100,000 raised as of 9/30/07.]
  • Charlotte Branch Research and Projects Fund, #1429. [$20,263 of a required $35,000 raised as of 9/30/07.]

Thanks for your support!