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Presidential Primaries and Caucuses are Coming

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Election Day 2008 is less than one year away. And this cycle, the primary elections and caucuses start in January, so you’ll need to start preparing now to ensure women’s voices and issues are heard on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008.

Take Action!

Encourage Other Women to Vote
Forward AAUW’s e-card to other women and encourage them to register to vote and get involved. Read AAUW’s Woman-to-Woman Voter Turnout: A Manual for Community-Based Campaigns to Mobilize Women to Vote for tips on how you and your branch can help more women get to the polls.

Be Sure That You Are Registered to Vote
Make sure your voter information is current: If you have moved since the last election, then you will need to re-register as many as 30 days before the election.

Get Informed
Learn more about AAUW’s Voter Education Campaign, and read AAUW’s Congressional Voting Record for the 109th Congress to find out how your elected officials voted on issues important to women and girls.

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