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e-newsletter #9, January 24

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January 16 – January 24, 2008

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Friday, Jan. 25 February 1 is the deadline for the Every Member Poll. Go to and make your voice heard!

Please scan this list of “headlines” and if there’s something of interest, do read the full story.


National news and notes

  • VGIF and Americaโ€™s Giving Challenge (01/20/08) – the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund is participating in the giving challenge that you may have read about in Parade Magazine last month. The deadline for contributions to this online campaign is January 31.
  • Pay Equity on TV (01/18/08) – If you missed the NBC news report last week, you can see AAUW Director of Research Catherine Hill in this web version of the series.

Branch News

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