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Special guest at the Convention

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We’ve been informed that Anthony Hill, a member of the Association board will be leading the 3:30 – 5:30 session on Saturday, using the materials the Association is sending to all the states. [See article on page 3 of the Tar Heel News.] Carol Newnam, Regional Director, had been slotted in that role, but since she’s doing the keynote and a workshop, we’ll get her views, and she will be participating in the afternoon session as well. Anthony will be able to bring us up to date with the board’s vision as of its meeting last weekend.

Judy Atkinson and I met Anthony at the Conference of State Leaders in 2006, and more of us met him at the Phoenix convention in 2007.  We’ll post a bio when we get one, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate meeting Anthony and getting his views on equity for women and girls.