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Information on 2008-2009 officers

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The first draft of the information on the state and branch 2008-2009 officers has been posted.

There are two public lists:

  • State officers – this list also has links to job descriptions and other information about the offices
  • Branch presidents and membership vps – this also has the amount of branch dues, any branch web address and special recognition for the branches of distinction.

In this site’s Member Center there is a

  • Draft directory of all branch/state officers (by branch). This includes the state officer and branch president information that will be published in the next issue of the Tar Heel News, but the online version also includes information for branch officers.
  • This information is password protected. Get the access information from your branch president or (See this handy wallet card to print and save access information for and See AAUW NC Help for additional information.)

Anyone who does not want to be listed in the directory available to members should contact or call 866/525-2155 to be removed.

Any corrections to contact information should reported to or Nancy Shoemaker (see state officer directory). These changes should also be reported to the Association through the records change form or the easier Member Services Database (by the individual or the branch treasurer).

Any corrections to who is holding which office should be reported to AAUW NC as above and to the Association through the branch officer form or the Member Services Database (by the president or designee).

Please do check the information since it is used to

  • Produce the “counterparts lists” that state officers use to contact branch officers – and branch officers can use to contact each other. You are, for instance, encouraged to share your newsletters with presidents and communications officers in neighboring branches.
  • Run mailing labels when (as for previous winter issues of the Tar Heel News) we send items to branch leaders, not all the members
  • Direct the public to appropriate contacts for the state and the branches