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Branch without Borders reaches 15 members milestone

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The “Branch without Borders” has recruited the required 15 charter members and will apply for formal approval from AAUW NC at the October 31 board meeting.

In the first 16 members we have

  • Two men (one new to AAUW, one converting from at-large membership)
  • Two members of branches in other states
  • Two lapsed members who are re-joining AAUW through the branch
  • Three at-large members who are joining AAUW NC through this branch
  • Seven members of other branches in AAUW NC

15 of the 16 are “online,” and we do expect online communication to be key to the branch’s success.

Our recruiting to date has been among those who are aware of AAUW, and we’ve encouraged branch members to join to learn about the model. We hope they will be able to offer the option to those who are reluctant to join the branch but wish to support AAUW with this new kind of membership.

Plans for the near term:

  • Send additional information to the branch presidents, including copies of the branch brochure
  • Take a vote on the branch’s name. [“Tar Heel Branch” appears to be in the lead at this point.]
  • Ask the state for formal approval at the October 31 board meeting — and submit the required paperwork to the Association fo AAUW board approval.
  • Send additional information to the college/university representatives. [As with communities where there is no branch, this branch might provide structure — and a branch roster — on campuses where there are several individual members who have no way to get in touch with each other.]
  • Start a broader recruiting campaign with the members-at-large
  • Work with those who said they wanted to be in branch leadership to craft the branch bylaws.

Again, all branches are encouraged to have at least one member join this new branch — perhaps someone from your membership or communications teams. That way you can see if other members from your community join the branch and let them know about special events or activities. You will also have a vote as we finalize the branch bylaws and policies — which may affect how the branch recruits near community based branches.

For more information and for information on how to join, see or write

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