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AAUW resouces for the election

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Election Day is less than a month away, absentee ballots are already available, and early voting will start in just a couple of weeks.

Here are links to AAUW resources for the election –

In addition, AAUW has released its Congressional Voting Record for the 110th Congress (2007-2008). Please see the report for the full discussion of the votes considered, but here’s a quick summary of the information for North Carolina members of Congress.

  • 100% rating: Reps. Butterfield, Etheridge, Miller, Price and Watt
  • 80% rating: Reps. McIntyre, Shuler
  • 70% rating: Rep. Hayes
  • 60% rating: Rep. Jones
  • 40% rating: Sen. Dole
  • 30% rating: Reps. Coble, Sen. Burr
  • 10% rating: Reps. Fox, McHenry,  Myrick

See for tips on using the voter guides in your voter education efforts.