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Notes from the fall membership workshop

Membership Vice President Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo presented information from two sources at the AAUW NC fall meeting on November 1.

First, she gave highlights of a booklet produced by AAUW Fremont (CA): From Near Disbandment to Success: The Fremont AAUW Story.

Learn how Fremont, California AAUW devised and implemented a business model to reverse the trend of declining membership. Within two years of applying their model, branch membership increased from 77 to 162.

AAUW NC purchased a copy that you can borrow from Sheila (see contacts) or you can send for your own copy. $20 includes cost of shipping and handling. Make check payable to Fremont AAUW and mail to PO Box 8254, Fremont, CA 94537-8254. Please include your name, branch, address, phone number & e-mail.

Then she covered the highlights of the AAUW Membership VP Toolkit. That was sent in late summer to all branch Membeship VPs and includes the 2008 Leadership DVD and accompanying CD of resources. It also includes a special membership vp CD of resources. The documents and information are, of course, almost all on, but if you’d like to see their arrangement as presented to the memership vps, they’ve been uploaded to the AAUW NC member center. Start at this table of contents page (login as you would to view the AAUW NC branch state rosters).

Here are the slides:

Again, if you have questions, please contact Sheila (contacts)

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