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Discounts on Juvenile Literature Award Winners

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The new AAUW Barnes and Noble discount program has an exciting link to the AAUW Juvenile Literature Awards that have been presented by AAUW of North Carolina for more than fifty years. To take advantage of the discount (normally 5%, but 10% through December 19), start shopping at then look on the left for the link to “AAUW Award Winners” which will take you to a list of the recent Juvenile Literature Award books. In just a few clicks you can add your selections to your “shopping cart” and be ready to purchase them online with the discount.

Finish the rest of your book shopping and go to the checkout to take advantage of this great discount.

Note: If you have a Barnes and Noble membership card ($25/year for 10% discount online and at the stores), you can use that as well when you check out. Please don’t, however, confuse the Barnes and Noble mention of “membership” with your AAUW membership – that’s a completely separate system.


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