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e-newsletter #24 – Feb. 25, 2009

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February 6-25, 2009


  • Branch presidents have now received messages about opting in to the Membership Pilot Program. See the post about the MPP from last month.
  • The web scavenger hunt is an opportunity to win free national/state memberships for the participants or others in your branch. There aren’t any entries yet — so your chances of winning are good! If you have questions or need an extension on the March 4 deadline, please contact me.
  • The nominating committee is still searching for a 2009-2011 treasurer. If you handle your family’s finances, you are almost certainly qualified for this position. Read more — and encourage your finance-savvy branch members to consider asking about the opportunity.
  • Register now for the AAUW NC Convention

AAUW NC 2009 Convention

Other AAUW news

  • Changes to the AAUW bylaws (02/24/09) – a cheat sheet suitable for publication in branch newsletters or for use as a handout at a branch or board meeting where the changes will be discussed.
  • Fundraising totals for 2008 (02/20/09) – how did your branch do compared to other branches and compared to last year?
  • February 1 Membership Counts (02/25/09) – congrats to Brevard, Tryon Area and Wilmington for showing growth in both the last year and over the last three years.
  • Dues for 2009-2010 (02/14/09) – if you are starting to prepare 2009-2010 invoices, note that AAUW dues will remain $49 and AAUW NC dues will remain $11.

Public Policy News

Branch News
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