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Message from Action for Children

AAUW NC is a coalition partner of Action for Children North Carolina which is seeking public support for legislation pending in the NC General Assembly to raise the age at which children are prosecuted as adults. 

They have recently sent out this message which provides more information on this legislative effort:

“Over 30,000 of our children are currently involved with the adult criminal justice system. Over 85% of these children have committed minor crimes, yet a bad decision made when they were 16 or 17 years old will determine the trajectory of their lives.

Individuals and organizations are invited to sign on to the Statement of Principles behind the legislative effort to raise the age at which children are prosecuted as adults in North Carolina.

Click here to learn more and read the Raise the Age Statement of Principles.

Please email Brandy Bynum or call 919-834-6623 x234 to sign on as an individual or an organization. Legislators will act on this issue only if they hear from constituents. Help us tell them that these children can no longer be ignored.”

If you are interested in supporting the proposed legislation, or wish to know more about it, please follow the links provided above.