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Early September letter to branch presidents

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Hello Branch Presidents!

This will probably be the last communication from us before our September gathering in Greensboro. There are several items of information we wanted to bring to your attention before then.

September Meeting in Greensboro

If you have not yet registered for our meeting on September 24-25 in Greensboro at the Hampton Inn, please do so soon. All the information you need to register for the meeting and the hotel is posted on our web site:

Janet Watrous will be our facilitator, and we are now working with her to develop the discussion format.

Agenda for September Meeting

An agenda will be sent to branch presidents before the meeting, as will the proposed budget which will be presented for approval at the Board meeting on Friday.

The Board meeting will be from 3-5pm on Friday/Sept. 24. We will go out for dinner until 7pm when we will return to the Hampton Inn and begin our discussion with an overview of findings from the branch interviews, an introduction to the facilitator, her assumptions about our discussion, the purpose of the discussion, etc. All day Saturday will be spent in discussion, beginning at 9am. Lunch will be brought in. We intend to be finished by 3pm.

If you have any information items for the Board meeting, please send them to us.

Thank You Is in Order

Thanks to all the branch presidents — and in some cases immediate past branch presidents — for spending time on the phone with our research interview team. The research team will be meeting via phone conference in mid September to discuss their findings and condense this information in preparation for presenting these comments on Friday night/September 24 in Greensboro.

Mary Fran Schickedantz, our treasurer, has dues from all but one of the branches.

We especially appreciate those branches who sent news nuggets for the next issue of the Tar Heel News.

Tar Heel News (THN) Production

The next issue of THN is in production, though it will probably not reach members before our meeting in late September. The whole production process has lagged, having no current Communications Chair or newsletter editor. Undoubtedly the issue of state-to-branch communications (not just the newsletter) will be one critical part of our discussion in Greensboro. Just what DO the branches want re: communications? Can you make that happen?

Bylaws Updates

There are still a few branches whose bylaws (a) have NOT been submitted or (2) need revision before they can be officially certified as meeting Association standards. Lib Laney, though no longer the Bylaws Committee Chair, has agreed to work with branches whose bylaws need some tweaking. Write or call 866/525-2155 if you need Lib’s contact info.

One Member One Vote

Last June in St. Louis, at the national Association convention, one of the most significant changes to the Bylaws that was adopted will allow one member – one vote on Association business. This change enables all AAUW members (whether or not they attend convention) to elect candidates for the AAUW Board of Directors and vote on other items such as bylaws amendments, resolutions and the Public Policy program.

All branch presidents should go the national web site to familiarize themselves with the status of how Association intends to implement the one member – one vote process.

Go the Association home page ( and click on the bright red box on the upper left side of the home page. When you get to that One Member One Vote page, start by scrolling down and clicking on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Informed branch presidents encourage informed branch members. This is the opportunity for those branch members especially who have felt distanced to better connect and take ownership of the future of AAUW.

As always, feel free to send us an email or call if you have questions.

See you in Greensboro.
Lill and Karla
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