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AAUW honors

An AAUW tradition is to honor branch members and others in the community for their work on behalf of equity for women and girls with a “named gift.” With all the changes in the last couple of years, you may be pleased to know that this tradition has not been dropped. A recent communication from the AAUW office said

For every gift of $500 a branch may name a single individual as a Named Gift Honoree. When the branch submits that gift to the national office and indicates on their forms or attached paperwork their intent the national office will then send a number of certificates based on the amount of the branch donation. The criteria on how a branch selects an honoree or the timing and recognition of said honoree are solely left to the discretion of the state or branch.

If your branch (through its fundraising or individual contributions) is making a significant contribution to the AAUW Funds, please consider awarding a named gift to a number of members commensurate with the size of the total gift.

If you do choose to make these awards, please forward the  names, a brief paragraph about the person and, if possible, a picture. We will start a series on the website to recognize the awardees and, as space permits, also  list the names in the Tar Heel News.