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People’s Passion Displays

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Bring a display (posters, scrap books, photos, brochures, etc) to the Annual Meeting in High Point of something that your branch gets excited about to share with others. We will put them on display around the meeting room for all to see.

Please include the name of your branch and the name of a member attending the meeting so we can ask for more information.

  • What have you done in the last year that would be interesting to other branches?
  • Did you raise money for AAUW in a unique way?
  • Did you have a fantastic program that made everyone think?
  • Are you working on a project that puts AAUW in the limelight?
  • Are you doing something that you would like some ideas about?
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had 20 People’s Passions displayed!

Questions? Email Lill Van Order (see contacts)