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We need YOU!

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We need you!

We need you!“We need you!” It’s a request, a war cry, an invitation?

Today it is an invitation and request!

AAUW NC needs you with all your talents, energy and enthusiasm

What talents would you like to use for AAUW-NC?

Are you an organizer?

Would you like to help improve our Public Policy Project?
Plan two meetings?
Work on a clean and lean set of bylaws and policies?

Do you like to be creative?

Do you like to help create programs?
Read mini grants?
Do you think out of the box and want to help others do the same?
Do you like to write and keeps folks abreast of happenings?

Are you a people person?

Would you like to help branches implement programs?
Give them some support with issues and branch work?
You do not have to re-invent the wheel – perhaps tweak it…

The AAUW NC Nominating Committee is looking for mission-orientated women for the positions of administrator and branch advocate.  Any of your talents could be used in these positions.  There are also appointed positions that will need your talent. (More details on specific offices and roles.)

Questions? Give us a call or email – Karla and Lill (contact info)