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You can host an Agenda Assembly!

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AAUW NC is a member of the NC Women United (NCWU) coalition. Since 1988 NCWU has sponsored the Women’s Agenda Assemblies each even year before the start of the new long session in the legislature.

The Agenda Assemblies take place across North Carolina in the fall. Women gather to express their views and prioritize their issues, in preparation to advocate in the General Assembly. Agenda Assemblies this year will have an additional focus of encouraging women to get out and vote in the November election.
NCWU provides the printed material for hosting an Agenda Assembly. Well-researched issue papers are submitted by NCWU coalition partner organizations and then collected as The Draft Agenda which is the reference point for discussion in each Agenda Assembly. The issues of concern to women are clustered into four categories: Access to Health Care, Civic Participation and Equality, Economic Self Sufficiency and Violence Against Women. Issues related to Education often show up related to Civic Participation and Equality and Economic Self Sufficiency.

There are three good reasons why your branch should consider being a part of this fall’s Women Agenda Assembly programs. This is especially true for AAUW NC  branches looking for an inexpensive community project where new members can be recruited.

  • Agenda Assemblies are a great way for local branches to build bridges and partner with other organizations in their communities.
  • Several AAUW NC members have been involved in hosting these events and are available to offer tips on planning to host an Agenda Assembly.
  • Hosting an event would qualify for an AAUW NC mini grant up to $500.

Please contact Nancy Shoemaker, Becky Mock, or Mary Peterson if you would like more information (contact page).

Planning teams for Agenda Assemblies in come counties are already forming. See for more info.