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February 1, 2014 Membership Count

Here is the table showing the number of members in each branch as of February 1 for 2011-2014

Congratulations to the following branches for exceptional success in recruiting/retention:

  • Top 3 branches in 3-year membership rate of growth: Chapel Hill, Gaston Regional, Asheville
  • Top 3 branches in 1-year membership rate of growth: Gaston Regional, Asheville, Greensboro
  • Top 3 branches in # of new members this year: Asheville, Greensboro, Brevard
  • Other branches with 1-year or 3-year growth: Raleigh/Wake County, Salisbury, Sandhills-Southern Pines, Tar Heel, Twin Rivers, Winston-Salem

Special recognition to Asheville, our largest branch with 167 members as of 2/1/2014. Posting a 16% growth in the past year, and a 30% growth over three years is remarkable given their large initial sizze.

You may want to adjust these numbers by the number of dual members in the Tar Heel Branch who are primary in other branches in NC (and so are double counted on this list):

  • 2011 (31), 2012 (43), 2013 (41), 2014 (40)