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Time to get bylaws updated

It’s that time of year when we update our state/branch bylaws to conform to changes that the national organization  has made. If you’ve already sent your revised bylaws to, thank you! If this falls in your area of responsibility (typically the branch president, secretary, and/or bylaws chair) and you missed the memo on what needs to change, you’ll find all that information here:

If you’d rather talk through some of the changes, come to the meeting next weekend in Burlington with a copy of your current bylaws, and we’ll find you some help. If you can’t make the meeting and still have questions, write and we’ll find you a bylaws buddy. Of course, for specific questions, the best resource may be, 800-326-2289.

All branches are required to send updated bylaws to by May 15, 2014. You may also send a copy to for safekeeping in the AAUW NC records, particularly if you are sending a PDF version to national, but want to store the source file (DOC, RTF) so that it can be used for the next set of changes and there’s any possibility that the next branch officers may have trouble finding it.

The updated AAUW NC bylaws will be discussed briefly at the meeting in Burlington. Here is the difference document from the current version for your review: