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2014-2015 AAUW Fellows in North Carolina

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AAUW awarded more than $3.7 million in fellowships and grants this year, and North Carolina is fortunate to have 13 recipients of AAUW Fellowships and Grants studyin in the state for 2014-2015. There are three American Fellows, one Selected Professions Fellow, and nine Career Development Grantees. The eight institutions are Duke (5), Durham Tech, NC Central, NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill (2), UNC-Greensboro, Western Carolina, and Winston-Salem State. Ten of the 13 are in the Triangle, two in the Triad, and one at WCU.

American Fellowships:

  • Alexandra Dodson, Ph.D., History of art and architecture, Duke
  • Emily Peck-McClain, Ph.D., Education, Duke
  • Dawn Tafari, Publication Grant, Gender studies, teacher education, race, and ethnicity, Winston-Salem State

Career Development Grants:

  • Itiyopiya Eward, M.A., Teaching English as a second language/foreign language, Western Carolina
  • Tanisha Folks, J.D. Law, NC Central
  • Cherie Harris, M.S., Environmental Science, Duke
  • Veronica Hough, M.A. Humanities, UNC-Greensboro
  • Dawn Knasas, M.B.A., Business administration and management, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Rebekah Lee, B.S., Physics, NC State
  • Elizabeth MacFarlane, M.S., Public Health, Duke
  • Ashleigh McCord, M.S., Environmental Management, Duke
  • Sarah Pohlig, Associate, Durham Technical Community College

Selected Professions Fellowships:

  • Elizabeth Christenson, M.S. Environmental Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill

Donations from AAUW members in North Carolina and around the country have made these fellowships and grants possible. Here is how the endowments of special interest to North Carolina are being used:

  • Elizabeth A. Colton endowment is partially supporting Kathryne Tolfree at Johns Hopkins.
  • Ellen Black Winston endowment is partially supporting Elizabeth Christenson at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Shirley S. and Karl S. Quisenberry endowment is partially supporting Sarah Lyons, UMD
  • Sandy Bernard/Alice Ann Leidel endowment is partially supporting Jane McAlevey at CUNY Graduate Center
  • Rosalynd Nix Gilliat International Fellowship is partially supporting Chiwoneso Tinago at Univ. of South Carolina-Columbia
  • NC Golden Anniversary endowment is partially supporting Itiyopiya Ewart at WCU
  • Charlotte Branch endowment is partially supporting Tanisha Folks at NCCU
  • Enola G. Retherford endowment is partially supporting Cherie Harris at UNCG
  • Beth Norris endowment is partially supporting Dawn Knasas at UNC-CH
  • Stine J. Schaffmeyer endowment is partially supporting Rebekah Lee at NCSU
  • Fellows not listed here are being supported with endowments raised by other states.

For more details on the scholars, the projects or the history of support by the endowments, see the online directory of fellowship and grant recipients.

AAUW North Carolina is currently focusing on one endowment that has not yet raised enough money to be stipend producing. We’d appreciate  your support in completing:

You’ll find more information about the AAUW Educational Funds at as well as an overview of all AAUW philanthropic priorities that explains the multiple ways to contribute.

Members who want to invite one of the current fellows to participate in a branch event can check with their branch president or for contact information.