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Facts about AAUW College/University partners in NC

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This website maintains a directory of the AAUW College/University partners in the state. Once a campus joins AAUW, they may

  • Name two members of the faculty/staff to be their representatives. These people get all the rights and privileges of AAUW individual members at no additional charge. They may also join their local branch (or the statewide, virtual branch) – AAUW NC waives its fee, and many branches do the same.
  • Encourage all of their undergraduates to connect to AAUW as “e-Student Associates” at no additional charge. Again, the students may also choose to connect with one of the NC branches.

This post lists (again) the C/U partners in the state, but also reports

  • How many representatives has the institution named
  • How many e-Student Associates are connected to the campus

Please use this to open a discussion on how individuals get the benefits of AAUW resources on your campus. Are there others — either faculty/staff or students — who are interested?

If you have questions, (voice mail at 866-525-2155) may be able to help — and, of course, see the resources at

College/University Partners in NC

AAUW C/U Partners# C/U reps#ESAFs
Appalachian State University *11
Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College11
Bennett College *24
Bladen Community College20
Brevard College *220
Craven Community College *11
Duke University27
Elon University *11
Fayetteville State University193
Guilford College *21
High Point University *16
Livingstone College *14
Martin Community College *20
Mitchell Community College *10
North Carolina Agric & Tech State University *13
North Carolina Central Univ10
North Carolina State University *224
University of North Carolina - Asheville28
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill **02
University of North Carolina - Charlotte24
University of North Carolina - Greensboro *215
University of North Carolina - Pembroke *07
University of North Carolina - Wilmington *25
Wake Forest University21
Western Carolina University21
Wingate University20
As of 7/9/2017

* Institution did not renew for 2017-2018 before 6/30/2017
** Institution’s AAUW partnership lapsed before 2016-2017