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AAUW NC supports proposed AAUW Bylaws Amendments

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At the AAUW NC board meeting on March 23, the board approved a resolution that said:

the Board of AAUW NC recommends to its branches and members that they become familiar with the three proposed amendments and support their passage by voting in the affirmative prior to June 9, 2018.

On the next day, at the annual meeting of AAUW of North Carolina, the board’s resolution was presented, and there was a motion from the floor to consider the resolution, which passed. The resolution was then debated, and and it passed without a dissenting vote.

AAUW of North Carolina allows voting by all members of branches in the state who are present at the meeting. The quorum is determined by the number of branches present, and there were 16 of the 17 branches represented.

4/23/18 Update: See the AAUW web site for more info on this year’s ballot, including the Voter Guide that is in the Spring 2018 Outlook (with extended rationales for the amendments) and an FAQ whose “voting” section includes instructions for requesting a paper ballot.