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AAUW NC application for NCCWSL support

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Deadline: March 27, 2006
Return to:
Please copy the rest of this information into a blank e-mail, fill in the requested information, and send it to You may also return this information as an attachment (Word or PDF format is preferred) or FAX the information to 866-525-2155.


Current campus address:
Current campus phone:
Current campus e-mail:

Permanent address:
Alternate phone:
Alternate e-mail:

50-100 words each on:
1. Why do you want to attend the conference?
2. How do you intend to apply or share the information you
learn at the conference?
3. Tell us about your leadership experiences and any work you have done
to advance education and equity for women and girls.

AAUW NC will not be able to defray all the expenses of your attendance
at the conference. If you are applying for other grants or support,
please let us know about those:

Have you joined AAUW?
If yes, member/affiliate number and branch (if applicable):

Preference will be given to those who include a letter of support from
an AAUW member (either a branch member or a College/University
representative). (If applicable) Name of person who will be sending letter: