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100 Club Members: 2007-2008

Members of the 100 Club/2007 Contributions were received
Judy Atkinson, Winston-Salem*
Karla Atkinson, Brevard**
Elspeth “Barie” Anderson Baker, Tryon Area*
Carol Carrano, Brevard
Marilyn Cardwell, Winston-Salem
Jean D’Addario, Wilmington*
Marty Folsom, Statesville**
Mary Green, Statesville*
Sylvia Helms, Statesville*
Joanne Hill, Jacksonville Regional**
Millie Hoffler-Foushee, Greensboro**
Lou Dean Howard, High Point
Janice Imgrund, Winston-Salem
Diane Johnston, Charlotte
Pam Kahl, Winston-Salem
Sandra McLaurin, Wilmington*
Lauretta Metzger, Wilmington,
Ellen Morris, Winston-Salem*
Mary Morrow, Statesville
Connie Gamble Ochse, Jacksonville Regional*
Virginia Owen, Statesville**
Virginia Palmer, Statesville**
LaDean Peterson, Asheville
Mary Peterson, Twin Rivers/New Bern*
Rebecca Pfaff, Winston-Salem
Carole Pohl, Brevard
Mary Fran Schickedantz, Greensboro**
Ann Sherman-Skiba, Wilmington
Nancy Shoemaker, Raleigh/Wake County**
Helen Solomon, Wilmington**
Lill Van Order, Wilmington**
Kay White, Chapel Hill
AAUW Gaston Regional
AAUW High Point*
AAUW Winston-Salem*
In Honor of

Pearl Berlin
Janice Imgrund
Nancy Shoemaker

* On the 2006-2007 list.
** Member continuously since 2004
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A total of $801.28 had been raised as of April 30, 2008.