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AAUW NC awards for Young Peopleโ€™s Literature

Since 1953, AAUW of North Carolina has partnered with the NC Literary and Historical Association to present an award in recognition of the most significant work of original juvenile literature published over the course of the last year by a North Carolina author. The judges include a representative from Lit & Hist, one from AAUW NC, and a librarian familiar with young people’s literature. The deadline for the award nominations is July 15 of each year, with the award presented at the fall meeting of the Literary and Historical Association. For full details on the nomination process, requirements, and criteria considered by the judges, see

1953Ruth and Latrobe CarrollPeanut
1954Mebane Holoman BurgwynPenny Rose
1955Ruth and Latrobe CarrollDigby, the Only Dog
1956Julia Montgomery StreetFiddler's Fancy
1957Nell Wise WechterTaffy of Torpedo Junction
1958Ina B. ForbusThe Secret Circle
1959Thelma Harrington BellCaptain Ghost
1960Jonathan DanielsStonewall Jackson
1961Glen RoundsBeaver Business
1962Manly Wade WellmanRifles at Ramsour's Mill
1963Julia Montgomery StreetDulcie's Whale
1964Randall JarrellThe Bat-Poet
1965Alexander KeyThe Forgotten Door
1966Richard Walser and Julia Montgomery StreetNorth Carolina Parade: Stories of History and People
1967Glen RoundsThe Snake Tree
1968Neal F. AustinA Biography of Thomas Wolfe
1969Mary Lina Bledsoe GilletBugles at the Border
1970Mebane Holoman BurgwynThe Crackajack Pony
1971Suzanne NewtonPurro and the Prattleberries
1972No award
1973Barbara M. ParramoreThe People of North Carolina
1974Suzanne NewtonC/O Arnold's Corners
1975Alexander KeyThe Magic Meadow
1976Glen RoundsMr. Yowder and the Lion Roar Capsules
1977Ruth White MillerThe City Rose
1978Suzanne NewtonWhat Are You Up To, William Thomas?
1979Suzanne NewtonReubella and the Old Focus Home
1980Caroline B. CooneySafe As the Grave
1981No award
1982Suzanne NewtonM. V. Sexton Speaking
1983Glen RoundsWild Appaloosa
1984Belinda HurmenceTancy
1985Catherine PetroskiThe Summer That Lasted Forever
1986Nancy TillyGolden Girl
1987Sue Ellen BridgersPermanent Connections
1988Lila HopkinsEating Crow
1989Belinda HurmenceThe Nightwalker
1990Lila HopkinsTalking Turkey
1991Suzanne NewtonWhere Are You When I Need You?
1992Bill BrittainWings
1993Christina AskounisThe Dream of the Stone
1994Joanne ComptonAshpet: An Appalachian Tale
1995Joanne and Kenn ComptonSody Sallyratus
1996William HooksFreedom's Fruit
1997Gloria HoustonLittlejim's Dreams: An Appalachian Christmas Story
1998Jacqueline K. OgburnJukebox Man
1999Gloria HoustonBright Freedom's Song: A Story of the UndergroundRailroad
2000Lisa Williams KlineEleanor Hill
2001Reynolds PriceA Perfect Friend
2002Carole Boston WeatherfordRemember the Bridge
2003Michelle GroceJasper
2004Blonnie Bunn WycheThe Anchor: P. Moore Proprietor
2005Carole Boston WeatherfordFreedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-ins
2006Joyce Moyer HostetterBlue
2007Eleanora E. TateCeleste's Harlem Renaissance
2008Cathryn SillAbout Habitats: Wetlands
2009Clay CarmichaelWild Things
2010John Claude BemisThe Nine Pound Hammer
2011Gloria HoustonMiss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile
2012John Claude BemisThe White City
2013Kelly Starling LyonsTea Cakes for Tosh
2014Joan HolubLittle Red Writing
2015Frances O'Roark DowellAnybody Shining
2016Sheila TurnageThe Odds of Getting Even
2017Ali StandishThe Ethan I Was Before